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The Music of Life: Playing With Natural Talents

  • Author: Nonen Titi
  • Pub or Rev Date: 2011
  • Publisher: Nonen Titi
  • ISBN: 978-0-473-18938-9

  • Availability: Available to borrow
  • Format: Soft cover


A Descriptive Guide to Discovering Typenames

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel you're in the wrong relationship, hate your job, could strangle your kids, and wonder what your parents thought they were doing?

Are you running from doctors to magazine articles to therapists, always pinning your hopes on the latest knowledge, but still feel like you're running behind? Do you wonder why such expert advice, which

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The Music of Life: Playing with Natural Talents: A Descriptive Guide to Discovering Typenames by Nonen Titi

This book is divided into four parts:

1) Musica| Complement (introduction)

2 )Nursery Rhymes (Type indicators in children) 3) Sentimental Journey (Parenting styles by type)

4) Whistle While You Work (Type in the Workplace)

It complements another book written b the same author during a similar period (2011-2012): The Music of Life: Concerto For Mankind.

As in Concerto for Mankind, Nonen Titi has used single functions or attitudes, function pairs, function pair + attitude triads, and four letter conventional Myers Briggs type codes to describe distinctive personality traits. The first part gives a complete introduction to MBTI function and attitude descriptions. She applies this in subsequent chapters to type in children, type and parenting style, and finally type in the workplace. The latter offers some type related vocational guidance.

In all four chapters, she has used unique descriptors to help give the reader a feel for the function (5, N, T, or F), attitude( J or P), function pair (e.g. NF, ST, etc), function/attitude triad (e.g. INF, EST, etc or ENJ, ISP, etc). Finally she presents the four letter MBTI codes with descriptors as to how they may appear in childhood, parenting style, or the workplace.

I feel that the descriptions of these various two, three or four letter combinations are extremely valuable in learning to type individuals as they may vary in stages or life or in work situations. As in Concerto for Mankind, she has used musical metaphor in several descriptors.

-- James Campbell 16 Mar 2015

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