The Music of Life: Concerto for Mankind

  • Author: Nonen Titi
  • Pub or Rev Date: 2011
  • Publisher: Nonen Titi
  • ISBN: 978-0-473-20288-0

  • Availability: Available to borrow
  • Format: Soft cover


A Musical Analogy of Human Types

Look around. You are a musician in the lobby of a giant concert hall named

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Symphony as metaphor for personality

I have been interested in Jung's and Myers Briggs Typology for the past fifteen years and have been active in Bay Area Association for Personality Type (BAAPT) for a similar period. Of the dozen or so books I have read on this topic, I find this is the most helpful and nuanced. It is of special interest to me since I have played the piano since childhood, have participated in choral singing groups for 20 years, and have sung barbershop harmony for the past four years.

Using the elements of a symphony as a metaphor for the Jungian functions intrigued me since it fit absolutely into my own type, INFJ. Introverted intuition, my first function, is represented by harmony; this has always come easy to me, and the richer the chord structure, the better. I joined a barbershop group because I loved the close harmony. Extraverted feeling, my second function, (what brings tears to the eyes) is so apparent to me when our barbershop quartet sings Valentines songs to small appreciative groups. Introverted thinking, my third function, the musical score, is absolutely essential because I need to see what I am playing or singing, and I struggle with memorization. Introverted sensing, the rhythm of the piece, has always been a challenge; and extraverted sensing and clapping with the performers is something else. Conducting (extroverted thinking) Forget it!

I also found the descriptions or names for function or letter pairs helpful-- ie FJ = love seeking (how true!) You also described family constellations which can make it difficult for a person to develop (or find) his/her type. This book is a must read for anyone interested in MBTI or musical performance.

-- James Campbell 13 Jan 2015

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