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Library App Tech Overview

This page describes the technical aspects of the BAAPT Library Application


  • Instance pages (one per item in the library)
  • Search and Index
  • Create a new instance page (Add an item to the library)
  • Template
  • Wrapper
  • Form

Instance Pages

Each item in the library has its own page.

The naming convention for pages is LibraryPage0----, e.g. LibraryPage00001.

Each instance page is created by copying the standard template and adding the standard data form.

The format of each instance page is
  • common header, presenting metadata from the attached form
  • any comments and reviews specific to this item
  • common footer (shown only if the viewer is able to add a comment)
  • meta data

Pages are dynamically indexed.

Search and Index

The Library Index provides a sorted index to all library content. The index page also provides search functionality.


To add an item to the library, use the form at Library Page Create. The title of the new item is required; all other information is optional. All information can be changed later by editing the instance page for the item.

The create form ensures that all library pages use the standard template and metadata form.

  • screenshot:


When an item is added to the library, the standard template is copied from LibraryPageTemplate. The template brings in the following preference settings:
   Local VIEW_TEMPLATE = LibraryPageView
   Set URL = %FORMFIELD{"LibGoogleBooksURL" topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}%

The VIEW_TEMPLATE setting defines a shared view template which describes how page content is presented when viewed.

The URL and URL2 settings are for convenience.

View Template

The view template, Library Page View Template, provides a common look and feel by defining how content is to be displayed on each page:

1. No toolbar buttons (Edit, Attach...) at the top of the page.

2. Common header content

3. Unique page-specific content (comments and reviews)

4. Common footer content

Common header and footer content is defined in wrapper.


The wrapper provides common content which is included into all library pages. Wrapper content is defined at Library Page Wrapper.

There are two parts to the wrapper:
  • header -- content to display before any page-specific text
  • footer -- content to display after any page-specific text

The footer section provides a comment box. If the viewer is not able to add a comment, the "footer" section of the wrapper will not be displayed.


All meta data is stored in a Wiki form, attached to each instance page. The form fields are defined at Library Form.

Meta data fields include:

Field name Description
Lib Title Title of Book, manual, etc (required)
Lib Author Author of this Book
Lib Publisher Publisher
Lib Pub Date Publication or Revision Date (year)
Lib Cover Link URL of an off-site image; recommended:, goodreads, www.cpp, ...
Lib Google Books URL Google Books URL; if available, a description can be extracted
Lib CPP URL CPP URL, if available, a description can be extracted
Lib Goodreads URL Goodreads URL, if available (a description can be extracted)
Lib Notes Notes or additional URLs (optional)
Lib Source Type ,Donated, CPP, Purchased, Other How we acquired this item
Lib Source Name How we acquired this item (e.g. donor name, ...)
Lib Aq Date Acquisition Date (first copy)
Lib Copies 1,2,multiple, Number of copies
Lib Format ,Hard cover, Soft cover, Booklet, Looseleaf (Binder), DVD/CD, Other Item format
Lib Availability Available to borrow, Restricted, Reference copy only, Suggested title, Not available, Retired Can this item be borrowed?

Shorten URLs from Do not include cover links from

If a Google Books or CPP URL is provided, the wrapper will use that to extract a description from If a Goodreads URL is used, copy and paste the description text in the Notes field.

Do not copy the cover image URL from

Page Content

The only unique content any page will contain is comments and reviews from BAAPT members, if added. Otherwise, the page content will appear empty in Raw or Edit mode.

Meta Data

To edit the form meta data, scroll to the bottom of the entry page and click the blue edit link at the top of the form.

  • Screenshot.png:

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